In the company of wolves

Death is blind. Mike Adams. Homestead tattoo, Frederick MD
586"Nietzsche urges us to see that human suffering is necessary, but what is not necessary is painfully regretting that suffering. Our condition hands us difficulty, and unless we are careful to stop ourselves, we add more difficulty to our lot by fearing and loathing that difficulty. We suffer and then hate ourselves for suffering. We are much better off accepting the pain, seeing it as universal, noting that it can be borne, and, when possible, expressing it." - Jennifer Michael Hecht, from Stay 

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3171"One of the most radical things you can do is to actually believe women when they talk about their experiences." - Anita Sarkeesian (Anita Sarkeesian shares the most radical thing you can do to support women online | The Verge)

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1941"[She bites God in the wrist]" - stage direction from Artaud’s The Jet of Blood

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Adrienne Sallinger, from her series “Teenagers in their bedrooms”.